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Indonesia On Screen: Janji Joni [Joni’s Promise]
Dienstag, 10. April 2018, 05:45pm


Filmstill aus Janji Joni, Indonesien 2005, Regie: Joko Anwar; Quelle: Babylon Kino Berlin-Mitte / Phiwedari Indonesian Film Distribution



Janji Joni [Joni’s Promise] ist einer von 12 Filmen des indonesischen Filmfestivals »Indonesia On Screen«, das momentan im Babylon Kino, in Berlin-Mitte, läuft. Die indonesische Filmreihe wird noch bis zum 11. April 2018 gezeigt.


Filmplakat, Janji Joni, Quelle: Babylon Kino Berlin-Mitte / Phiwedari Indonesian Film Distribution





Veranstaltungsort: BABYLON, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin (U-Bahn: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / S-Bahn: Alexanderplatz)


Janji Joni [Joni’s Promise] Indonesia 2005. Directed by Joko Anwar with Nicholas Saputra, Mariana Renata, Rachel Maryam Sayidina, 83 Min, OmeU.

Genre: Romantic Comedy


Synopsis from the Sydney Fim Festival 2005:

Here’s something entirely unexpected from our regional neighbour – a youthful comedy packed with zest and cheeky humour that marks a strong contrast to the admirable but very serious Indonesian dramas such as Leaf on a Pillow that have screened at SFF in recent years. Joni’s Promise – the directorial debut of Anwar, a screenwriter and film columnist for The Jakarta Post – follows the misadventures and romantic yearnings of a young motorcycle courier (charmingly played by Nicholas Saputra) charged with delivering film reels between cinemas. Indonesian cinemas share prints, so if the courier is late, the film stops midway and a sign appears on screen – ‘Sorry, waiting for the next reel’. This invariably sends the audience into apoplexy. It partially explains Joni’s panicked reaction when his film reels are stolen mid-delivery. His desire to please a beautiful girl he’s just met is the other explanation. Dotted with gags about cinemas, films and their viewers (ranging from Jennifer Lopez as a role model to an hilarious breakdown of the different types found in movie audiences), this is an engagingly fresh comedy, one that never overplays its hand and is loaded with breezy charm. 

Lynden Barber, Sydney Film Festival


The soundtrack is also quite incredible. All Indo rock & funk.


Trailer: Janji Joni   








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